Sunday, April 13, 2014

What Is TradeProphet?

What Is TradeProphet?

TradeProphet is a decision supporting platform aimed at the stock market.
The platform consists of a complex stock rating engine screening the entire universe of traded stocks, bonds and ETFs to find the best assets to invest from the enormous universe of trading alternatives, making the final trading decision clearer than ever before.

How Does It Work ?
TradeProphet goes through a screening process, running each asset trough dozens of filters based on fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis, in order to find the best available asset for the trader. The rating system is updated continuously using backtesting methods and models, going back dozens of years to find the unique triggers that generated the most profit in the past and alerting the trader in case that unique trigger is about to fire again.
At the end of a rating cycle ,TradeProphet generates a comprehensive report, comprising of all the best assets ready to move up or down with it's relevant scores including the risk and return of the proposed trade.
Once a position is open, the system keeps track of the ongoing trade, alerting the user to close the position in case it had run its course.
The system is used as a selection tool for the short or long time horizon, taylored to the specific trader request. The results are easily customized to fit any trading style and are used to open short or long positions according to the rating cycle results.

The Purpose.
The purpose of TradeProhit is to make complex knowledge and information about the stock market easily available to the stock market trader. The rating system in itself is very complex but we have made a big effort to make the results clear and comprehensive, so the trader would easily know what her next step should be.

The current service is free(!) since we are under construction,
please fill free to eMail us.
up-to-date recommendations are in the report page

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